Malshtan as traditionally portrayed.

Malshtan, sometimes rendered Malashtan or Mulsht’an, is the chief god amongst the Orc and Drow of Nol Ugshtulom. A god of strength, sudden change, and freedom, it is the Worship of Malshtan that inspired the Darkskin Revolt of The Caevari Illumination in 3A: 842.


In 3A: 767, a Drow-Farmer calling himself Evocati appeared in Urbs Illumino,preaching of an as-of-yet unheard-of god named Malshtan. The low castes of The Illumination took quickly to Evocati’s message of strength, freedom, and individual choice.

Evocati was seen as a threat by the nobility and was repeatedly jailed and tortured in attempts to place him back within Caevari Dominion. These attempts proved fruitless however and in 3A: 780 Evocati was executed publicly for his defiance. Outrage over his death prompted riots across the Illumination.

The riots were put swiftly put down by the National Army, but Malshtan worship lingered in the background of the empire, growing within the disenfranchised Orc and Drow communities within the Illumination.

The Darkskin Revolts


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