Nol Ugshtulom

Nol Ugshtulom

Nol Ugshtulom, translated The Nightlands into Thalish, is the soveriegn state of the Drow and Orc in Eastern Savnjol, consisting of the southern part of the Onyx Peninsula. The name Nol Ugshtulom comes from the ancient Drow language Amshtul, which was revived following the founding of the state. It shares a land border with Thalland to the north and an oversea border with Sandara to the south.

The jungles that would become Nol Ugshtulom were originally inhabited by several native Beast Races whom the invading Malashtun drove out to secure their promised land. The youngest state on Savnjol, Nol Ugshtulom was founded 50 years ago in 3A: 866, spreading out from the coast to become one of the most prosperous nations on the continent.

Between 3A: 866 and 3A: 880, the Malashtun strove to create a stable government, free of the harsh restrictions of their former home in The Caevari Illumination. After much chaos and strife, the first Ghul – an Orc named Arashtog – was given power in 3A: 887.


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Since the Ghulasha

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Nol Ugshtulom

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